A word on respect.

Respect implies acceptance.

Respect involves intelligence, a knowledge of complexity and contradiction, an acknowledgement that shit happens, methods fail, and people fuck up.

Respect lends an open ear—not a blind eye, or mouth, or heart.

Respect is active participation in what someone is saying, because you care enough to disagree—or even agree. Respect is not lazy adoration. Respect does not tolerate perfection.

Respect sees costly mistakes and wishes for residual change. Respect allows for ridiculous actions, for irrational responses, although respect itself is not irrational.

Respect brings calm reactions. Respect squelches anxious consumers. Respect fills pores bored from idolizing, from useless spite, from ignorance. Respect fills your bathtub and still cleans your skin despite its obvious saturation with soap.

Respect means honesty, means fresh air, means a dry, breezy veranda. Respect means giving the finger to damning flies. Respect requires, alternately, punching and puzzlement. Respect respects ungoaded reason.

Respect is rugged, craggy, built like the muscles on a sinewy antihero. Respect relishes antagonism because it makes room for love. Respect is love.

I only say ‘fuck you’ to people I respect.


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