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Savage Tattoos. A Kaori Yuki blog.

Kaori Yuki.  由貴香織里。

She’ll make your insides soften, like a silk tie threaded through a skull
with parasites marching to Mother Goose, and old maids sent upstairs to kill the children.

“I’ll give you his head when everything is finished. Then, like him, you can spend your life embracing the mutilated corpse of a loved one.”

She traps the traditional rhyme.
Slays it, cuts the blackbird pie with a sharp pen. Bleeds the ink from each black wing.
Lizards represent lovers, holy whores. Soulmates in lie.

It’s so beautiful it’s scary.
-Angel Sanctuary

When virulence guts virtue, it’s hers. When hair has untold weight, when dissection heals.
Vampires socialize like majesties in front of altars, crosses, desecrated religion.
The tycoon is flaming. The tattoo is everything.
The robot only knows itself by calling one name.

When I wanted to say ‘I love you’, your eyes no longer saw the world.
-Grand Guignol Orchestra

Here we must tread softly for fear of fairy tale assassins.
There’s a German leatherite who says, hey, wanna see my princess collection?
Nothing is fresher than a rockstar’s head forever marred by memory,
except perhaps a fleshly angel driven mad by God.

She can’t escape. Not from me.
-Count Cain

And since she’s killed Him,
our tainted souls can sleep for centuries.

-Angel Sanctuary

Archangel Alexiel



6 thoughts on “Savage Tattoos. A Kaori Yuki blog.

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  3. I couldn’t find the contact form, so I’ll write here; this post along with the other one talking about Kaori Yuki are exceptional. Therefore, I’d like to ask to include them as links to the archives for past entries in our upcoming Kaori Yuki Manga Moveable Feast.

  4. I approve of this blog entry lol. She is the best.

    由貴香織里さんはとてもすごいだよ。好きな漫画はゴッド チャイルド。ほんとに楽しい読むだ。

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