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Perception and Photo Editing

Have we lost the meaning of a raw image?

Have we forgotten what we really look like? Did we ever even KNOW?

All my imperfections have been accentuated.

All my imperfections have been erased.

I have no problem with airbrushing. Media must cater to the ideal.

It is the subject who must reimagine her place in creation.

Highlighted freckles. I have scabs.

But no, my skin is porcelain! Really. Nothing to see here.

Photography is nearing closer and closer to language, in that it approximates reality rather than attempting to capture it.

Images borrow from life, taking and giving and taking again. Nothing is sacred except the concept.

I think I am okay with this.


One thought on “Perception and Photo Editing

  1. I live with you and I can honestly say that you look much more like the “airbrushed” or photoshopped version for sure!
    You are extra hard on yourself 😉
    jade paris

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