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Lounge Tales

I’ve collected my fictions into a thing.

May or may not contain all the short stories I have penned in the past decade, including college ditties I revised and made respectable.

It’s only 99 cents.

As to why it’s not yet available on Amazon… a) I worked at Barnes & Noble for eight years and feel a sense of loyalty to them; b) I’ve only had the time/energy to upload it to one self-publishing server; c) Amazon’s actions of late (and in general) have convinced me that they don’t give a shit about publishers or authors. [If you have a Kindle and absolutely must have this, post a comment here and I’ll see what I can do.]

Basically, just download the nook app and read it on your phone/tablet/PC/iPad/whatever.

Here’s what’s in store:

Meet Love: the local barfly with a devilish intent.

If someone jumped off a bridge, would you do it too? Clayton Kirksbride thinks you will—and he’ll construct his bridge just so you do.

Fading faces of punk rock live in walls, bathtubs, and snow flurries.

Be careful what you say about insects.

What do you do when a parade float looks just like you?

If you follow fictional lines instead of your own voice, you may end up trapped in a mirror.

A girl wishes hard enough and switches bodies with someone.

Things in the way of love: glass panels, paint, proof, humanity.

People die and kill and fall asleep and medicate themselves just to make a point.

A man hides a secret from the world.

A simple drive home turns into a lifetime.

Or, a smattering of stories about murder, whiskey, sex with concrete, rock & roll, ghosts, coffee, graffiti, uncanny love, flawed perspectives, psychotic architects, eating disorders, convenience, suicide, beauty, parade floats, paradoxes, delicacy, punk, and a praying mantis.

No obligations, obviously; but I would appreciate the support!


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